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Vehicle Hit by Tri-Rail Train in Myrtle Beach

Authorities in Myrtle Beach received a report at approximately 3:30pm on Thursday that stated that a vehicle was struck by a Tri-Rail train around South River Drive and Northwest 36th Street. This was on one of two Tri-Rail accidents that occurred on this day.

Sky 10 reports that there was a white vehicle sitting at the side of the train after the crash occurred. One person was taken via Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue to the hospital. This person was treated for minor injuries.

The second accident involved a truck and the Tri-Rail train. The front-end of the truck was damaged, but there were no reported injuries with this accident. This occurred Thursday morning just before 9:00am close to the Cypress Creek Station.

train2_515976aOftentimes when you hear about a train accident, the end result is more tragic than most can imagine. In both of these cases, the victims and other passengers involved remained relatively safe. There are no details on either accident so far as to who is at fault for either accident. It is unknown whether the Tri-Rail trains caused the accident or the vehicles that were involved. Thankfully, these were single vehicle versus train accidents that did not lead to any pile up of vehicles.

The worst part of each accident, outside of the car driver sustaining minor injuries in accident number two, is that traffic was backed up while authorities attended to the victims, got statements and transported the one driver to the hospital to be looked over.

It is unclear how long traffic was backed up for with each accident. Since both accident were relatively minor, there was not much clean up after the vehicles were removed from the scene.

“This is a tragedy that you do not see on a regular basis, making it harder to cope with and assign the proper liability,” said Myrtle Beach attorneys and managing partners Joe and Martin. “It is important for loved ones and accident victims to have the support and information they need to get the justice warranted.”

It is critical that drivers are very careful and alert when crossing train tracks or driving through areas where trains are a common occurrence. The Tri-Rail is on a schedule and comes through multiple times each day in each area. Even if a train is not visible, approach the tracks at the listed speed limit and look both ways before driving over the tracks. If a vehicle is experiencing a mechanical issue, avoid areas with train tracks so that the vehicle does not stall on the tracks.

Listen to all warnings that state that a train is approaching and never attempt to “beat the train” to get over the tracks. Stop and wait until the signals show that the area is all clear of an oncoming train.

These accidents are avoidable as long as all people involved are aware and following all traffic and safety laws. Thankfully, these two Tri-Rail accidents did not result in any fatalities.

Violation of traffic rules and drivers arrogance leads to these and similar accidents. Unfortunately not end all accidents with minor injuries like this. It often happens that innocent people are the victims of arrogant and unscrupulous drivers.

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