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Dangers on the Road

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Everyone can agree that the roads are a dangerous place to be. No matter what state you live in, cars are involved in accidents constantly. In the city of New York especially, a personal injury can occur at any time, especially from distracted drivers on the roads. Taking your eyes off the road for more than 5 seconds at a time can have dire consequences for innocent bystanders. Drivers must always be aware of their surroundings and focused on getting to their destination safely. The phone calls and texts can wait until you arrive safely.

Four New Yorkers die every single day due to a traffic crash on average. Many of these involve distracted driving, which can be a variety of things, such as talking on the phone or simply being drowsy while driving. These tragedies cost the state big money. The combined hospitalization and emergency department charges combined cost the state of New York an average of $731.3 million annually. That’s money that could be going elsewhere, like to improve schools and roadways. Instead, a tragedy occurred that could have been avoided if the driver had been paying attention and not distracted.

In the city of New York, personal injuries occur in many forms. Almost all of them could have been avoided, and many are attributed to distracted driving. In New York, there is a yearly average of 1,464 deaths because of unintentional motor vehicle traffic related injuries. This equates to 7.6 of every 100,000 New York residents on average. That’s a lot of people that could still be here if it weren’t for a tragic event. Not all lawyers have experience working with personal injury cases and are ready to get justice for you or a loved one.


The statistics show that distracted driving occurs in all the states. According to the CDC, each day in the United States, more than 9 people are killed in crashes involving a distracted driver. 1,153 people are also injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. It almost makes you want to never get in the car again. Everyone knows someone who has been involved in a car accident, and many know those severely injured, or worse, killed in a tragic event that could have been prevented. Distracted driving comes in many forms, and drivers need to be focused on one thing when driving, which is getting to your destination safely and effectively without any distractions.

The CDC has conducted numerous studies on motor vehicle crashes and distracted driving. Their 2011 study compared the percentage of distracted driving in the United States and other countries. The results were startling. A much higher percentage of drivers in the United States talked on the phone and read or sent a variety of messages while driving when compared to other European countries. Many people all around the world are connected to their cell phones, and are known to drive and look at them. People in the United States are much more prone to be distracted while driving, as statistics show.

In the city of New York, a personal injury can occur without you expecting it. Many lawyers aren’t experienced enough with a proven background showing results. Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson and Friedman have been serving greater New York for 70 years and are proven personal injury experts. If you want results, contact Pulvers Thompson, or log on at

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